Explore Many Markets in Galle

Galle which is well known for its cultural value and scenic beauty is located to the south of Colombo. The Galle town is the capital of the Southern province and is full of exciting and unique attractions. Some highlights include the Dutch Fort, its pristine beaches and the Wakwella Bridge. Galle is also one of the best places to go on a shopping spree in. There are a number of fantastic markets to choose from in the town itself – each catering to every taste, whim and desire you might have.

In particular, there are two main locations you absolutely need to make time for during your shopping trip here in Galle – these are the Galle Fort and the Dutch Market. The Galle Fort has become an icon for the South of Sri Lanka, while also serving as a stark reminder of the country’s rich colonial past. The fort is in fact a world heritage site and the largest remaining fortress built in Asia by the Europeans. Being a popular tourist attraction, the Fort has transformed into a vibrant shopping precinct over the past few decades. It’s the perfect place to grab yourself a souvenir to remember Galle by – the boutique shops and store here have their shelves lined with ornaments, authentic island crafts and gift items. The Fort is also full of restaurants, cafes and bars – these make excellent pitstops to make in-between your shopping bouts.

The Dutch Market is among the oldest markets you’ll find in Colombo having been around for close to three centuries at this point. Each day you’ll find fresh produce stacked up on the stalls here with lively locals manning them. Take a stroll through and grab yourself a refreshing drink or a lovely trinket to take home with you.