Learn how to cook Sri Lankan style in a cooking class at Ella

Being a tropical island blessed with an abundant supply of seafood, tropical fruits, vegetables and greens, Sri Lanka has a robust and exquisite cuisine that bursts with tantalising flavours. The island also boasts a vibrant cultural and historic heritage that has helped congregate people of different ethnicities, this drastically accentuates the complexity of the local cuisine and it vividly complements the already amazing food culture.

Among the many places where you could savour and indulge in decadent Sri Lankan food, Ella today has become a prime candidate! This is because the region has evolved over time as an idyllic travel destination well sought after by tourists. Hence its resorts and restaurants bring you the best of both worlds, Sri Lankan as well as western delicacies right to your table. Recently, due to the higher influx of tourists, a peculiar yet very interesting trend is being spread around the region that is, Ella has birthed many places that offer cooking classes for tourists!

This exclusive activity being offered by resort establishments and tour operators gives you glimpses of the exquisite varieties of local spices and their uses. You would also get an opportunity to cook with peculiar yet delicious local ingredients that you cannot find anywhere else on the planet! On the day of your class, you will be preparing a special local delicacy under the skilful guidance and supervision of a talented local chef. Once you have made the dish you will also have the opportunity to indulge in a delicious meal which will include the dish you cooked along with many other local favourites.

This will indeed be a memorable travel experience and it will eventually become something you could take back home. You could prepare the same dishes and surprise your friends and relatives. Isn’t that amazing?