Private tour to the Virgin White Tea Factory in Koggala

Located at a distance of merely a 30-minute drive away from the coast, The Handunugoda tea estate is perhaps one of the few tea plantations that is located this close to the sea. This plantation also has one of the island’s most unique tea factories which is known by the name the Virgin White Tea Factory. The factory got its peculiar name as it makes white tea here and it is made completely untouched by human hands.

The estate follows the ritualistic process of the Chinese where a set of tea plants are carefully selected and the leaves are plucked, never being touched by the plucker’s bare skin. The plucked tea undergoes a unique fermentation and grinding process where its medicinal properties are enriched and enhanced to become the world’s healthiest tea. This fact is also clinically proven as the tea which is made this way has more antioxidants than any other tea varieties.

The private tour to the tea factory gives you a glimpse of what exactly happens inside the factory and it lets you witness the very process in which the magical white tea is made. You will also be taken throughout the process of how other varieties of tea are being made from the tea leaves to the packages. At the end of the tour, you will also be offered with a tea tasting experience where you will get a taste of the virgin white tea. The factory also has an outlet where you can buy any tea variety that you desire.