Rent a Bike or Scooter and Go Around the Southern Coast

Sri Lanka’s South Coast is often lauded as one of the best regions to visit in the island. From pristine beaches to cultural landmarks, you’ll find it all here! One of the best ways to explore all the sights of the South is on two wheels – all you have to do is rent a bike or a scooter and race away!

To start things off with, you might want to visit one of the most iconic locations in the entirety of Sri Lanka – the Galle Fort. The structure was originally built by the Portuguese and was subsequently refurbished and expanded upon by the Dutch. In the present day, it boasts magnificent fortifications and grand colonial architectural elements. The fort’s popularity among tourists has meant that the location has transformed into hub and traveller’s hotspot. Here you can stop by the colonial museum and gaze upon ancient Dutch and maritime artefacts, some dating back as far as the 17th century. The fort itself is a treat to explore on foot – so, park your bike and take things slow here.

Now, the Galle Fort might be the most famous destination to visit in Galle, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many cultural gems dotted around the region. Consider riding to visiting religious landmarks like the All Saint’s Church and the Meeran Mosque.

Once you absorbed as much of the local culture as you can, you might want to take it easy at one of the many pristine beaches found here in the South. There’s something simply serene about riding on your bike with the sound of sea waves for company.