Take a Tour to a Tea Factory

Being regarded as a paradise island, Sri Lanka is not only home to spectacular beaches, but also a menagerie of iconic landscapes that are filled with lush tea plantations! Being one of the world’s biggest exporters of tea, the hills of the island boast the perfect climatic conditions to produce signature blends of tea. Though the trade and the plantations were established by the Briitish, the islanders who now own the plantations see tea production more sort of an art and they produce this magical commodity with much attention and passion! The whole process making the tea powder which starts from plucking the leaves to being dried, fermented, and being powdered, occurs with meticulous care and precision – it is indeed the main reason for Ceylon tea being a celebrated brand around the globe!

The whole process of making the tea is intriguing to watch and it certainly offers you the knowledge of how something gains value with effort and patience! The very soil on which the divine Ceylon tea is being nurtured is quite interesting to explore. For the those enchanted by the fantastic elixir of Ceylon tea, a trip to Ella is the best way to discover how it is being made and taking a tea tour in one of the many factories that are situated around here would indeed become a memory that one would cherish recalling in their minds

Begin your tour by hiring a guide, someone from the tea factory itself. Once you’ve signed up for the tour, you’ll start at the very root of the entire operation which is, of course, the tea estate. You’ll be taken to the terraces of tea while the guide continues to explain how the bushes are grown and the different types of tea leave that you’ll learn to identify. Next, you’ll be given a tour of the inside of the factory where the production takes place. The processes will be further explained to you over the hum of the many machines in there. Once the tour is done, you’ll probably be taken to the most scenic spot on the estate for a steaming cup of tea to enjoy along with a few delicious snacks. While sipping on your cuppa, soak in the views of rows and rows of tea against the backdrop of the misty mountains and you’ll know that there is nothing in the world that could make you feel more tranquil than you already do.