Visit Helga’s Folly

If you’re touring through Kandy, you might want to make a small detour and visit a strange but captivating hotel that’s found a little way off the beaten path. A visit to this old Kandyan home can best be described as a surreal experience – one that will stick with you for many years to come.

Helga De Silva was something of a local celebrity back in the day in Kandy. She came from quite the celebrated family as well. Helga’s father was an established politician, her mother was an artist, her grandfather was a minister while here grandmother was a notable feminist. Even her aunts were famous authors and architects. Helga still resides here in here family home and she has turned it into hotel that’s full of strange works of art and unique designed – most of which were done by Helga herself.

Once Helga had inherited her family home, the idea of turning her lavish mansion into a hotel full of curios came naturally to her. So, you too can now rent a room here at Helga’s Folly. You can take it easy and revel in the hotel’s unique atmosphere by walking across its parlours and taking in all the sights. You can even step out of the hotel and take a relaxing walk along the jungle that surrounds the hotel if you want to.

Helga’s Folly operates its own restaurant as well! The first thing you’ll notice once you walk in here are all the bright colours. Helga had decided to give the restaurant a lively red theme and this is evident all across the venue’s walls. You’ll find an array of paintings and murals – done by Helga herself – adorning the place.