Nuwara Eliya

Roam the Winter Market

The Winter Market of Nuwara Eliya is an excellent stop you can make during your travels through Sri Lanka’s central highlands. This is particularly the case if your inner shopaholic is just craving an exciting shopping spree!

The Nuwara Eliya Winter Market is also called the Bale Bazaar. Regardless of what you decide to call it, there’s no denying the amazing selection of goods that are available here. Most notably, the bazaar sells a variety of winter clothing. These will prove invaluable if you’re deciding to spend a few nights in Nuwara Eliya – or anywhere near its vicinity for that matter.

When you first arrive at the market, don’t be surprised if you’re a little overwhelmed at the entire scene. You’ll see piles and piles of clothing all stacked up. So much so, that you might even question how you’re even supposed to pick an item out of all that chaos. Fear not, however, the local merchants are more than happy to point items out for you and you’ll probably calm down and get accustomed to the place after a few minutes of browsing.

As you keep browsing, you’ll come across an array of designed branded clothing just lying in piles. If you can find these, it’s a great bargain – so don’t let up! Winter clothing isn’t all you’ll run into here either. Several handcrafted jewellery items are often on sale here – from gold pendants to silver bracelets.